Weekend Crochet and Amigurumi


I am sure that many of you spent the weekend feasting in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Me? Haven’t you heard, I am (happily) trapped in my own little crafting world whereby I have unlimited supply of yarns, safety eyes and all the time in the world!

I have been busy, and expecting to be busier when school starts in 2 days.

I have been super productive over the last few days though. I have done these:

  • Blog (personal blog – ramblings and all aka writing therapy)
  • Hopped onto new crochet obsession (scrunchy)
  • Most of the time working on the custom order (accepted since last year, before the winter vacation)
  • Make quick food including instant soup (expired by 2 days!)

I like to switch between amigurumi and other projects such as beanies and scarfs (did you get to our free infinity cowl pattern?), and now smaller and quicker projects – scrunchy.

For most people, they switch between one category to another, say crochet and reading. I want to do absolutely nothing but crochet on most days, so I doubt I will ever want to alternate it with anything else, but I do switch between small and tight stitches to loose and quick stitches.

Amigurumi takes high level of consistency in tension control to achieve beautiful and even stitches. With tight stitches for small dolls, it can be quite straining for both hands (especially that I am making many of them). I tend to alternate it with quick project like coasters. It’s very satisfying and gratifying every time I complete a project, so that’s a boost to the slower process of amigurumi making.

My current obsession is scrunchy. I am fighting the urge to order a bunch of lace weight yarn, and I have succumbed to ordering hundred pieces of elastic hair tie to make scrunchy. I have some silk/cotton fingering yarn, so I will finish the yarns before buying new ones.


During this time of the year, let’s give tribute to the great mothers around us, be it your own, or your friends who are mothers.

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