Personalized Amigurumi Wedding Dolls

This amigurumi wedding dolls order has been accepted since last November, before we closed for winter vacation.

I have been blessed with very good fortune, or rather, good customers. Most (if not all) of the brides who ordered the personalised wedding items from me are super patient and cooperative. It has something to do with my strict ‘pre-selection’ too. I am a no-nonsense type of seller (yes, some people call my attitude pompous) and I am very hard on myself in terms of delivery my commitments and promises. It’s of paramount importance that expectations are moderated according to practicality and reality.

That is my bottom-line – pride as a designer and seller.

SH is one of my many fabulous customers who is extremely patient and superbly cooperative. Not all ideas get materialised, and prior communication has been established before the deal was closed, so changes later are made very easy.

I am deeply moved by the gesture. The personalised dolls are not just a gesture of appreciation, but also ‘parting gifts’. Like a graduation, we graduate from one phase to another. For the bride, it is as though expression heartfelt thanks to the friends of many years, who ride through the teenage years to adulthood; from talking about boys next class to sharing problems of relationships. (Yeah, I think boys are less sentimental, so I am going to skip guessing what the groom thinks.) This is when the bride cross over from being Miss to Mrs. Friendships will remain, but her priorities may shuffle.

When we went through the characteristics of the individuals, the bride (along with the groom) would have to sum up her impressions on the individuals.

It’s very generous of the couple to order dolls for the vendors. Personally, I would do that, because these are the people who will make the wedding happen, and although they are being paid of the services and products, it’s the thought and appreciation that go into the thank you gift.

I won’t be accepting new orders anytime soon; and when I do accept personalised orders, it’s really based on interestingness. My apologies, but I have said this many times, saplanet originals is a design house first, so design interestingness takes precedent. I would be a wealthier person if order volume and profit interest me half as much.

My work here is not just to create, but I aspire to inspire. Everyone loves the idea of creation, but only some of us are capable to make that happen (nope, I am not even insinuating that I am talented, but I am very hardworking), so it’s important that we don’t corrupt the passion – that said, do try to meet the basic needs first. Some of us are very fortunate to be able to generate just enough income  to pay bills an put food on table; if that is not possible, make it a part-time thing, a hungry artist is just a hungry artist, nothing poetic about it in today’s context.

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