Summer Amigurumi and Creative Plans

What is your plan for summer? It’s really quite redundant here about summer. In case you are not aware, we have summer ALL YEAR round! It has something to do with our geographical location (tongue in cheek).


I have been swamped! Once I got the wedding order done and out of the way, I am all geared in exploding my tiny brain with all the school stuffs. It’s sheer hard work to study and work at the same time. It’s inaccurate to say it’s part-time studies, because it is definitely a full-time thing! I can only say that I am attending evening school. 😛

So, when I am bombarded with statistical formulas and numbers, and assignment due dates, I doodle. As poorly and amateurishly as they are, they serve as a great outlet to free up mind blockages. Alongside with doodling, I do another favourite thing – make a guess!!! Of course, I crochet!

Part study, part work takes a whole lot of self-discipline. It’s definitely do-able. It is not the easiest thing for me to pull myself away from my special interests (fine, it is safe to say they are obsessions!), but I could be one of the most highly self-discipined people many of you may have known. If I give up on something, trust that I have tried the utmost hard.

So, today, I am going to just pamper that inner child – I sometimes call her a brat, or other times, creative kiddo – by allowing her to come out to play for the day. Today, I am going to do some more doodling (I bought a bunch of arts supplies for sketching and painting, I really want to dabble my hands in them!), and then the rest of the day working on a new amigurumi design!

Don’t neglect that inner child in you, because we have to acknowledge that creativity is a very powerful and amazing thing!


As for you? Are you not feeling the heat yet? (Depending on where you live!) Summer is perfect for the waters and outdoors. Our Bella & Wally beach couple is suitable for the theme. Bareback short dress for the girl, and casual shirt with berm for the boy. Change the colours if you don’t want to make them into a wedding couple. Change her hairstyle into pig’s tail or pony tail if you want!

There are many other projects (I really have no idea how many designs I have) at that you can make during the summer holiday!

Have fun! If you would excuse me, that bratty inner child is yelling for attention. 😉

P/S: Thank you so much for your warm support, we have sold quite a few heart charms for autism and asperger’s! We will try to add in more as we go! A donation will be made to the beneficiary for every S$150 raised.



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