Heart Charms, Restock Scrunchies and Bags


The heart charms in single colour are now available, only one piece per colour, but we will try to restock as promptly as we could, and increase the colour variation.


Our scrunchies are very well received (thank you!!), so we have restocked and added a few more colours!

Psst: still, time is not on our side, so only a few colours have 2 pieces in stock, there has only one piece per colour, so hurry!


We need time to restock, and create new design, but guess what, we just can’t pass up on this. Reusable bags in natural cotton material have arrived, and we will start by offering a few bag sizes for the charity fundraiser, then we will make more for sale.

The small ones are really cute, the drawstring is in A4 size which and can be used a backpack! The big ones are very useful for grocery shopping. We plan to roll this out after August.


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