Single Amigurumi Wedding Patterns



We endorse (definitely!) happy ending, at all times. What is a wedding with just a bride and no groom? Don’t be silly, of course we think Diane deserves a wonderful man as groom! You get to decide who she is marrying, or rather, who has such a great fortunate in marrying her!

Single wedding patterns are available now at the wedding series section under amigurum patterns!

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Our previous wedding designs (most of them), are now available as single pattern. It’s a bit of saving if you buy them in the set as they were designed in though, so do your own math.

Other designs that come in themes, such as Bella & Wally, the beach couple, or Charles & Ling, the modern Chinese wedding couple, they will remain as paired patterns.

We have good reasons in ‘splitting’ the couples up, let’s face it, marriage is about the couple, wedding is really about the bride! In terms of dress designs, hairstyles, and other details, brides really get all the attention! So, we will be launching more single wedding patterns for bride.

Have fun with match-making!


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