Upgraded and Revamped Website!


I am taking a term break from studies, so I am catching up with work and everything else!

First thing first, the website was due for system upgrade, and so I thought I might as well give it a major facelift! What was I thinking, of course, I was thinking of responsive theme for mobile users (but, I still need to refine a few tweaks to the mobile site, it’s usable and functional, but a little lacking in the aesthetic department, so please bear with me for a bit) – I mean, honestly, we (I mean me) shop on desktop, tablet, and phone! Hence, the revamped website!


It’s just some restructuring of items here and there, and I know you are super tech-savvy, but I thought you might like a quick guide.

1. Currency converter – Previously on the left side panel; now situated on the top right corner, it’s a drop down menu

2. Categories – Previous on the left side panel; now on the homepage, it’s a cleaner layout with a drop down menu on the left side, under the shop banner

3. Login/Account/Cart/Checkout – Previously the login/account was on the top panel too, but the cart/checkout was hidden and only show on the left panel when you add items to cart; now they are all on the top panel.

4. Other information are located at the bottom of the page.


Once you enter any product page, the categories are showing on the side panel; the ‘add to cart’ and social sharing (do share!! 😛 ) buttons are in the same box on the left side of the page.

There will still be a few retouching to be done from previous template (such as different fonts, sorry! I hate different fonts across websites too!), but we have rigorously test drive the function of the shopping cart before moving it to live site. That said, if you spot any crazy things, drop us a mail, we would be so grateful!

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