Butterfly Brooch Pins for Autism Awareness

Butterfly, commonly used as an autism representative within the Autism community. I am not certain of the original significance, but my depiction of the relation extends to a multitude of significance.

A common saying, ‘When you meet one person on the (autism) spectrum, you meet ONE person on the spectrum.’. Each person on the spectrum is unique, the traits may be shared, but the gravity of each trait varies. There is no rushing and hurrying a person with autism to progress and grow like the neurotypical counterparts; like a butterfly, there is no rushing of the caterpillar to turn into the butterfly you want. It takes as long as it needs, and if you allowed it, it will turn into a beautiful butterfly. It may not be the ‘standard’ butterfly that you expected, but if you take a step back, you will come to appreciate the beauty of it, despite the difference.

These butterflies are made into brooch pin, using four representative colours of Autism – red, green, yellow, blue.

#All proceeds (less shipping and PayPal fees) of sale made from these colourful butterfly brooch pins will fund towards raising Autism Awareness. Help us support our cause; and even if you weren’t particularly interested in the cause, these butterflies are really gorgeous, don’t you think?



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We have also restocked (with new colourway) the scrunchies in this section!

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Of course, the heart charms are also restocked! We haven’t been lazing around!


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