Happy Birthday from BelLeeBeadz


My birthday is not until next month, but I don’t really care when it comes to presents.

Growing up, birthdays had been disasters, I dreaded to celebrate my birthday. Age helped me come to terms with plan gone awry, and to see the ‘cracks’ of imperfection as an opportunity to experience things beyond my constricted frame of mind.

Once I have learnt to accept that no matter how excessive I have consulted with the possibilities and deviations that the plan may be skewed towards, there is a chance for the direction to change, and that is beyond my control. When I was a child, it was very difficult to wrap around this concept, because it was (still is, it’s just a universal rule!) impossible to blame ‘accidents’, and it was definitely not my fault, so it was extremely difficult to comprehend such a change. I could be adversely affected for weeks and months; and each failure in executing the plan the way I wanted, black-marked the event for years.

Now, I celebrate my birthday! A self-nurturing way to appreciate the extraordinary journey I have traveled thus far. Everyone travels an unique journey, some rougher than others, but we ought to appreciate the fact that life is hard, and we are all survivors! For some of us, the journey is more arduous; instead of blaming the world, take the positive lens and see that it’s an accomplishment to just stay alive and well.

Aside, I have the utmost respect for presents! Perhaps I genuinely believe that the process of opening the present releases an unsurpassable strands of joy. Sure, some people have higher expectation and when the expectation is unmet, it can result in disappointment; but the presentation and process of unwrapping a present also entails a sense of appreciation, a sense of self-importance and self-worth.

This is my first birthday present this year. A very lovely bracelet from a very good friend, Belinda (belleebeadz.com). Belinda is a very special and nurturing friend, she is my go-to friend when someone broke my heart, or when I was stranded in a foreign land (oh right, did I not mention that I am a natural magnet to dramas, where do you think my bizarre imagination comes from!?!), or when I needed directions to places.

Belinda makes beautiful jewellery, and she always picked the most suitable pieces for me. I am a hard-core fashion criminal, and I will be thrown into the fashion prison if I attempted complex style, so I go for simplicity and basics. The bracelet she chose for me this year is exactly that.



I love the simple design, yet bold enough to make a statement. I am a tough cookie (although I may not look like one; I give people a general impression that I am very ‘missy-like’) and a no-nonsense person; this bracelet comprises of a simple composition yet sophisticated. The leather strap loops over the huge diamante buckle, and the leafy decoration tightens the loop to secure the bracelet.


Here’s to me and my real friends! Thank you Belinda, for being such a great friend, can we now enjoy that bottle of 18 years single malt of yours already? I promise I won’t waste a single drop!

Celebrate yourself, when your birthday comes!


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