The Butterfly Effect – Brighten Your Mood

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Butterfly effect, an interesting theory, in some way signifies hope and mindfulness that a minute change can have a large effect somewhere else.

In my opinion, it supports the ‘random act of kindness’ gesture. A small act of kindness may have a great effect elsewhere that we may not be aware of, but if we continue to believe so, and continue to be kinder, perhaps we are inculcating a more compassionate society, bit by bit.


There are so much beauty in butterflies. They are such gorgeous creatives that flutter their wings, almost as though producing a graceful piece of dance with the wind.



These butterfly brooch pins are hand-crocheted, and adorned with glass crystal and glass pearls. It deserves every bit of elegance and class, don’t you agree?

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These are ready-made, and only one piece per colour. Catch some butterflies now before they flutters away!


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