Beautify with Slouchy Beanies

I have a profound love for beanies, and fingerless mitten. It’s a very simple explanation, because I am severely deprived of the opportunities to wear them! I traveled to many countries, but oddly, until last Christmas, I never had a winter vacation!

There is no going back ever since I put on my first beanie in Bend! What kind of crochet addict am I if I hadn’t made a bunch of beanies, scarves and cowls!

Where I am relocating to, will not have snow (sob), but beanies are for cooler seasons too, and they do have some pretty cold months.

I am also beginning to sort the items that I plan to ship to the new location, and I decide to use up the ‘orphan’ yarns that I have.


This is one of the impromptu and original designs that I whipped out while trying to unwind from the relocation tension. I love slouchy beanies, because it’s just so pretty. There is something about slouchy beanie, it gives shape to the head and adds a personal attitude and almost a sense of free-spiritedness.

This design mimics the stitches of knitting formation. It is a simple but highly versatile design that is suitable for all genders. In addition, it can be worn slouchy or fitted.


Then, there is this dressier beanie with puffs. This is not my original design, but it’s not straight from a pattern too. Still, I didn’t design it. Should I decide to sell patterns of beanies, this will not be included as one of them.

What I like about puff stitches is that it has a cute and girlie touch. I am not much of a dress and skirt person, I like the idea of dresses and skirts, but my limited fashion sense is constricted to safe choices of basics, and that means casual dress code. Once in a while, I like to wear some girlie accessories to illuminate the femininity that is usually tucked under loose fitting clothing.


This is another original design that came along as it’s worked. It’s less slouchy – more of a beret style. A little textured stitches are created to give some dimension to increase the ‘interestingness’ of the beret.

They are now available on our website; and they qualify as ‘limited edition’ since the yarns are discontinued and we don’t really have many of these yarns left. More beanies will be added soon!

These beanies are more suited for cooler weather, but probably not for winter. The yarns used are cotton/hemp yarn; the material does not provide the kind of warmth to guard against snowy winter.

We will be picking up new yarns (soft premium acrylic – for people who are allergic to wool (me!); and wool too!) to make some items for the winter. Think cowls, scarves, more beanies!

Shopping tip: If you have been eyeing on our finished products, keep in mind that although we are bringing the finished products to the new location, shipping fee will not be as affordable, so take advantage of the low shipping fee now.


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Weekend is nearing, pick up your crochet hook and work some projects!


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