Pay It Forward Birthday

Birthday, is a ‘personally yours’ day. Sure, there are others who share the same birthday, but this day is only special to you and people who think you are special to them.

I develop a ‘tradition’ for my birthday, and I plan to keep some of them for the rest of my life.



One of the best things about birthday is none other than presents!


A special package that came from Denmark fills my heart (and tummy) with sweetness (pun intended!). I was so excited that I stuffed my system with 4 stroopwafels immediately after I took photos of them. Sugar high lasted for some good hours, I assure you of that!


Birthday presents are not just items, they fill your heart with fullness and gratitude. So, what do we do with such gratitude? We pay if forward. 😉


My birthday is only meaningful when I stuff some goodness into it. In order to celebrate my life, I hope my life benefits some people in a small way.

So, every year, on my birthday, I make some charitable efforts to make my existence valuable. This year, I chose to make a small contribution to World Vision; it was not my first choice but I encountered problem with the other organization with the card processing.

I plan to keep this going for the rest of my life, of course, unless situation doesn’t allow. It doesn’t need to be monetary contribution, it can be act of kindness to perfect strangers!


Hearty Breakfast


Then, I make myself a hearty breakfast! I do enjoy wild rocket (perhaps a little too much!).

Favorite Place and Food


My favourite restaurant is Cedele, and I particularly love the outlet at Great World City. GWC is a gem because it’s comparatively less crowded.

They make the BEST cakes and breads! My latest favourite is their red velvet cake; using grapeseed oil and healthier choice ingredients, their cakes are moist and flavourful.

Favourite Thing


Birthday means taking my time to do what I enjoy. I would read, but I have learned that I don’t read well in public because I am constantly distracted by movements and activities around me. Doodling, on the other hand, requires super focus so it’s a good distraction to distractions, know what I mean?

Buy Myself A Present


Then, it’s about getting yourself something nice. Nope, that was unsuccessful, the evening crowd was beginning to flood in the mall so I left sooner than planned. I prefer my birthday to fall on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, where crowd is more manageable. Friday evening is when I stay home.

Unwind and Relax



The best way for me to end my birthday is to relax with a glass of wine, and pair with fruits. Oh yeah, I am unorthodox, and the sommelier hates me for that, but I don’t really care.

One of my all time favourite things to do is to pick up my crochet hook, sit back, relax, and crochet away! Birth is a creation; it’s meaningful to be a little more creative on birthday.


It’s All About Love

Birthday, is all about love. Life can be challenging from time to time, but love helps make things more bearable. Birthday is about accepting the blessings from friends and love ones; sharing the love with perfect strangers; and embracing the good fortune of loving and being loved.

I may not repay affection the same way that is expected of me, but I do my best.

What do you do for your birthday? Mine was seemingly boring, but I was very happy.

** I have been busy stuffing my face with food, two new beanies will be listed tomorrow, and inventory to be updated – more sizes are running low and/or sold out. **


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