Crochet Beanie and Hat – Restocked


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These are probably the last beanies made from cotton/hemp yarn (or,  I may just get one more out, I don’t know yet). This slouchy puffs beanie is slightly puffier than the previous one.


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This is the two-way slouchy/fitted beanie. Personally, I like this very much. It is contemporary and easy to go with casual outfits.


This is the third beret that is sold (it’s sold before it’s listed). Although slouchy beanie is my favourite type of beanie, I have to say that beret may fit shorter hairstyle.


I bought 30 balls of merino wool (100%), it’s super soft and warm. I plan to make more crochet beanies and hat, and even shawls and cowls! I love the soft shades that I picked to mix n’match. The teal color is very versatile and gender friendly. Instead of going with a contrasting lighter shade, I choose a light grey.

To me, winter is a very romantic season. It’s when you want to feel warm and fuzzy. It is the season when you constantly want to snuggle up to your significant other for warmth. So, I like a softer blend to fit the fuzzy mood. Winter, is when beanies and hats are 100% legal and too cute to pass up on.

Meanwhile, I am working up on the Christmas couple, it’s progressing quite slowly because of the overwhelming influx of orders for supplies (before we close the section and pack up for our relocation), and the fact that I forgot to leave yarns for my projects!

Reminder: We will NOT be restocking for all supplies once they sell out. Many popular sizes are either sold out or low stock now, stock up now before they are all gone.

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