Amigurumi Christmas Lovers Julius & Juliane


The petite Amigurumi Christmas lovers, Ben & Sophie, was a hit last year. They are among my proudest creations because of the intricate details that are added to create aesthetically pleasing dimension.

One of our good customers sent a request for the bigger version of Ben & Sophie. It is extremely difficult to decline her request because she was so polite, and most importantly, the request came as a romantic gesture.

So, here they are, ready to crash the Halloween Party!

>> Julius and Juliane are available in ready-made dolls – ONE SET ONLY. 


This couple is named Julius and Juliane. A lovely Danish follower on our facebook page threw the names out, and explained that Christmas in Danish is Jul, so it’s a wordplay. I say, what a fantastic name suggestion. Oh well, if you must know, I was thinking along the line of ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Big Sophie’, I know, so uncreative!

Julius and Juliane are just perfect! The pattern is up on our website now!

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Aren’t they so adorable together! Julius and Julian are about 17cm and 16cm tall, respectively; Ben and Sophie are about 10cm tall.


The original Ben and Sophie are designed using embroidered eyes. This pair is made with craft eyes. I absolutely adore this photo, it’s as though Ben has something very endearing to say to Sophie before planting a kiss on her forehead. He looks so gentle and loving, don’t you agree?

Ben and Sophie has an enchanting love story behind them.

>> Ben and Sophie are available in ready-made dolls – ONE SET ONLY. 


There are a few days before Halloween, but if you work fast, you might just be able to make a few cute dolls over the weekend and in time for Halloween!

Let’s see, we have the devil boy and girl vs angel boy and girl at tug-of-war games; the Monsties Trio; the Dotty Devil caught in the Pumpkin Monster; the Sleeping Monster Babies. Of course we have Vampires, what is a Halloween without the good old vampires!

Have fun!


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