Fairy Tale Amigurumi: 5 Patterns eBook

We have more or less settled in in Perth, and the classes have started. The yarns have not reached us though, and to our horror, there is not much of a yarn store around the area! Let’s hope the yarns arrive safe, sound, sooner than later.


Meanwhile, this is another compilation of themed-patterns – Fairy Tale amigurumi. With the launch of the eBook, the individual patterns are no longer available as single patterns.

The patterns included:

1. Humpty Dumpty

2. Red Riding Hood and the Big Grey Wolf

3. Rapunzel and the Prince (and the infamous tower of course!)

4. The little liar – Pinocchio

5. Welfroy the Frog in the Well


The eBook is available on our website, and etsy store.

Housekeeping Stuffs

A few changes have been made, but because we are still in the middle of transition (a lot of stuffs are still coming through the courier and mail services, and we have a ton of administrative stuffs to work on with the University and the property management etc.), so we didn’t blog about it.

If you are on facebook, do consider following us on our page because we post up most of the updates on there. If you are not a fan of facebook, we are on google+ too, it’s just quieter there.

Recent Changes:

  1. Currency – We have officially changed all retail currencies on our website and on etsy store to Australian Dollars (AUD)
  2. Checkout on Etsy – We are accepting Etsy’s in-house checkout payment method (direct checkout) on Etsy – it accepts all major credit/debit cards
    • With the currency and checkout changes, you may notice a price reduction – due to exchange rate
    • We are reviewing the shop policies on our estore to reflect the changes made.
  3. Download link – All new orders of patterns will be provided with a download link through the order status update (on our website) or through Etsy conversations (convo) – within 48 hours. Please DOWNLOAD and save the file immediately as the link expires in 48 hours after provision of the link. If you are using Drive, please take note that this link is a private link, it does not mount to your cloud Drive, once it expires, the folder may still be there, but it will no longer be accessible. We regret that we do not reactivate the link again once we remove it from the cloud.


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