Alice & Michael Amigurumi – Old Couple Love


Alice and Michael had missed many opportunities in the past. They had been separated many times because of circumstances, but their love never changed even though life slips by without the other person by the side.

There is no time to waste on regrets, but to live what’s left to the fullest, and enjoy love and companionship until the end of time.

Today, they join in matrimonial bond for a single objective, and many reasons. They had wished to have met each other since birth so that their every memory consisted of each other in it, one way of another; alas life had other plans for them.

Today forward, they will have the prestigious privilege to call each other wholly theirs till the time runs dry – “till death do us part”, truly. It is a celebration! Alice doesn’t believe in ‘dimming’ in love, she believes that this day belongs to them, solely, and she will brighten the day with their wedding attires. Who says senior couple should dull their celebration with basic colors? They are different right from the beginning, there is no need to change now.

This design is suitable for old couple getting married; or renewal of vows.


This photo provokes many thoughts for me. Watching them as a bystander moved me deeply to imagine the journey they had to go through before they are able to hold hands and watch the sunset together. Photographs of my dolls surprise me all the time. I am meticulous, but I didn’t plan for every single minute arrangement.

When I was taking their photos in the late afternoon of a weekend, I brought them to the campus bush court. It was quiet, with just a few students around. I ‘planted’ the couple on the spot that I felt was most appropriate (lighting and all), and then literally laid flat on my tummy to take the photos. I even crawled to and from my position because the wind was too strong and the couple toppled over! There were people looking, but I had my headphones on and I pretended no one’s watching.

I didn’t plan to have Michael’s head tilted towards Alice. It’s as though they have taken life on their own. This photo shows the gentleness of Michael, lovingly leaning towards Alice as he recounted their first winter together, and the many sunsets they spent separated.

“You are mine; and I am yours, forever.”. He whispered to her.


He was patient on the wedding day. She took her time, but he didn’t rush. He just waited patiently; he has waited all his life for her.


Alice walked slowly and steadily towards the love of her life. The concept of ‘lifetime’ may be deviated from the standard concept, as compared to the young fellas’, but it is enough. Eternity at this age, means making the most of what’s left.


The young couple talks about the future; the old couple reminisces about the past and relishes on the present. Every single day is a gift, and everyday together is precious.

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Maybe all love be fruitful and true.


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