Donation Appeal for Nepal Earthquake

I am not in my best form right now. I have been plagued by flu bug for 2 weeks now, and last night it took a nasty turn with an internal infection. I had to get the doctor in for house-call.

I would paint a picture that screams ’sick in foreign land alone’, but I won’t. I can only imagine that for most people, being away from home is hard; being away from home and got seriously sick is harder. It is not the case for me, it’s just being sick and I feel horrible, physically, period. Even back home, no one usually knows I was sick, I am the kind that hold it all in (but I become exceptionally grouchy on my social network pages though).

Now, comparing my blown-out-of-proportion complaints about being lethargic and sickly with the affected victims and families of those of the Nepal Earthquake, I have it too easy.

That being said, I am a tad too exhausted (long night with lots of pain) now to find out the ways to help, so I did a quick search for ‘where to donate for Nepal earthquake’, and many results came up. I went with Red Cross and chose to donate for Nepal cause. The process was a breeze.

Red Cross_Nepal_Page_1These are the areas they will be putting the donated funds to use.

We did a fundraiser for Japan Earthquake and although we didn’t raise thousands of dollars, we managed to inspire others to pull in resources to help. Unfortunately, I am too ill to organise anything more.

Ways to Help

You and search for WHERE to help, but as always, I feel that every dollar counts, but hey, I am not assuming that everyone has a dollar. No kind heart is unkind just because he/she is having a hard time him/herself.

If your finances are stretching too thinly now, that’s ok, spread the word to appeal for awareness to donate. Keep the news alive for as long as possible so that help doesn’t die down too quickly. 

Use your social networking power to help keep the news alive. Believe me, that is great help! Younger people out there, it’s the same for you, you may not have enough money to donate, but you have tons of friends! Your friends may have adult friends who can afford. You get the drift!

Extend your support to families who are affected. I don’t know anyone who are immediately related to the affected victims, but if you do know any, perhaps it would help by showing support to them the best way possible.


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