Amigurumi Ambassadors for Charity!

Last Friday saw the end of this study semester for me. With all examinations behind me, I can finally hug the yarns and crochet in my sleep! Ok, clearly, I am still recovering from bizarre sleep routine.


I didn’t just make this other pair of “Alice & Michael” loving old couple. I made them a while back, but I had been kept busy (with so many things), so I didn’t get a chance to take proper photos of them. Now that exams are over, Perth has entered into winter. Winter here doesn’t mean snow (boo hoo hoo!), it means low temperature with lots of rains. It’s been raining, so it’s hard to find windows of time (and good light) to take photos outdoor.


This post, however, is about this beautiful pair of dolls made by one of our buyers, Dorothy. Dorothy and I had an interesting.. how shall I put it, ‘encounter’. There is one word I can think of that sets us on this special path – grace.

She was not familiar with bobble stitch, but I think she not only mastered it, but expanded it with creativity! I love what she did to Alice’s fringe! Absolutely adorable! She made this pair as gifts, and I am certain that the recipients are the most fortunate people!


The dolls are not due to be given away yet, so she cleverly used them as Amgiurumi Ambassadors for a charity fundraiser for Age Action in Ireland! She reported that the dolls raised much interest and curiosity that spiked the success of the collected funds. I thought, what a neat idea! Dorothy is such a brilliant woman with a huge heart!

Handmade dolls are special, Dorothy’s dolls are even exceptional. They are blessed with thoughts of such great  generosity and kindness.

Simple Arts Planet has been established since 2006, and we have organised and participated in numerous fundraiser events towards charitable causes. Although we have not been able to organise such events lately due to our schedules, we are so honoured to know that like-minded buyers share the same charitable spirit! We support fundraiser because it helps not just to raise fund, but often times, raise more public awareness into the charitable cause. Awareness of social issues (including health) helps build a more compassionate society. We encourage not just giving, but giving by gaining knowledge.

If you have made dolls/finished items using our patterns for any charitable events, drop us a mail with photos and details, we would love to help spread the words!

I am on semester break now, but I am also moving from my current apartment to another house, and also working on a special order. Regardless, if I managed to get settled in quickly, I may be able to work on 1-2 new designs. Never stop crocheting!

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