Anagha & I – In Remembrance of a Soulmate

The unexpected friendship between Anagha and I started in the most unusual yet seemingly mysteriously arranged fashion. In retrospect, it made perfect sense – she was extraordinary.


In prior to this post, I had drafted another post, more emotional and with a heavy dash of melancholic scent. I decide to move that draft to my personal blog which I will only attempt much later. On here – Simple Arts Planet’s platform – where all the magic started, I will let the dolls tell the story, the way Anagha would have loved, my story-telling style.

I made this girl in pink representing Anagha. Her favourite colour was pink, she told me once, I remembered.


On the Christmas of 2011, Anagha contacted me through my Etsy shop. My shop was closed as my order schedule was overwhelmed and I decided to stop taking orders for finished products. In spite of the shop announcement, she sent the convo (Etsy’s in-house messaging platform – conversations) to reach me.

She asked for a customised order of the Indian Saint, Sai Baba. I was dissuaded to accept her order, but there was just something in her convo that I was deeply drawn into; her politeness and good manners were adequately displayed in her carefully chosen words.

Not only that I had accepted her order for a giant size Sai Baba doll, we started to write to each other even though I would only be filling her order in a few months. A beautiful, deep and meaningful friendship took flight.


We wrote long emails to each other. We took immense joy in reading the emails. We allocated special time to enjoy the emails. – I would make my favourite tea and take hours to read and reply to her. We were the non-biological twins living parallel lives. We were soulmates.


On 2 July 2015, Anagha passed away. Three weeks before, she left me the most affectionate and loving message, “I love you”, and she slipped into comatose. She never woke. She said the most endearing things to me from time to time, but she hardly said “I love You”, it was as though she was bidding farewell to me, as I had promised to do the same if I were dying (before her).


The only way I could process her passing is to imagine that she had ‘negotiated’ some time to allow her family to accept her eventual departure; and just in time for me to finish the examinations.

It’s been very difficult for me to talk about Anagha without flooding the house (animatedly) with tears; I had taken it for granted that she would always be there for as long as I imagined my life to be. Out of love, out of thoughtfulness, out of caring gesture, and out of time that was running out, I postponed in telling her all about the crazy things that went on in my life since I moved to Perth.

The semester break that just passed, was a semester break I imagined I would fill her in with all the dramas I had experienced in Perth and everything I planned to do. That same semester break, I spent it remembering my best friend who no longer would reply to me, and the only comfort I could get was to imagine that she is now at a better place.

Anagha was my personal super fan, she loved all my crochet works and creative works. She was my adorable stalker who followed my posts when I got caught up with life. She was my number one infallible bestie who backed me on every single decision I made. I am the scaredy cat who put on the fox costume and ventured out of the comfort zone; she was the little cute fan who quietly held a poster that read, “ You go girl!”. Whatever I do, she had my back, always. She knew so much about me; I knew so little of her.

I had never met Anagha; we had never spoken on the phone; I never knew what she looked like. Her brother saw the doll I made, and told me that Anagha often plaited her hair too, just like the doll. I had no idea, I made the doll based on my impression of her.

I am eternally grateful of the time we had together, although I greedily wished for more time. She was never just a pen friend, she was the perfect best friend that I could ever wished for. Take nothing for granted, and cherish everything and everyone.

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