There’s still time to make Christmas Amigurumi!


I was planning to take a decent group photos of these Santas and Santarinas, but I worked them till late, and completely forgotten about the plan! By the time I remembered, they were nicely packed and ready to ship. :0

I used about 3-4 days (some days are shorter because I was out to ran errands) to finish them, so you definitely still have time to make these Christmas Amigurumi! I am not going to lie, they do require more time due to the more intricate layers of details. So, if you have not been crocheting long or unfamiliar with 3D crochet, you will need to add a couple more days.


This pair is “Ben & Sophie”, they are the smaller sized dolls (7-9cm tall). They make very cute Christmas tree decoration (see the photos below).


This pair is “Julius and Juliane” doll standing at around 16-17cm tall.


Of course we need some reindeers to get all the love and joy out! Little “DoDo” reindeer is around 7cm tall.



We don’t sell the finished dolls, but the patterns are available at the following online venues:

Etsy shop for saplanetoriginals


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