Graduation Dolls (small) Crochet Pattern


I was a little hesitant in making the smaller version of graduation dolls, since we already have the large graduation dolls. However, we have received numerous email requests for the smaller version, hence this.


Many of us begin our first love chapter while at school. Let’s say, school was only becoming more interesting and distracting when love gets involved! Perhaps it would be better if we didn’t have to deal with relationships and just focused at studying, but I guess we were more emotionally geared (think hormones!) than academically motivated.



At the end of the journey, some of us graduated with our school sweethearts; some of us graduated with our study buddies who also endured many drunkard moments when we had our hearts broken. Whatever it is, graduation is one unique moment that all emotions and memories clash into on massive ball!


The graduation dolls crochet pattern is available at:


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