Vase Cozy Crochet Pattern – FREE


This February has been especially gloomy for me. I desperately needed something to brighten my moods before I get self-destructed in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. Yes, I have watched way too much tv dramas series, both English and Chinese!

To lift my dead-weighted spirit, I made some crochet flowers, but they weren’t enough, something was lacking. Ah! A vase cozy! With my superior and excellent shopping-memory (no such thing, I am some kind of a weird wordsmith, so I made up words as I deem fit), I went to Kmart to pick up the mini milk bottles that would be the perfect fit for my crocheted roses.


I use the flowers for aromatherapy purposes. I made 2 sets, one by the window of my room, and another by the window of the bathroom. Choose acrylic yarn for the flowers if you are planning to use it with essential oils because acrylic yarns are very resistant to staining leaving nearly no trace of the essential oil after it is diffused.


And I decide to share the impromptu vase cosy crochet pattern with you! The pattern is free and is available here – the crocheted roses are not in the pattern, but you can easily search for free crochet flowers pattern online:


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