Amigurumi Pattern Packs

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This Angels Collection Amigurumi pattern pack consists of Angel of Light, Angel of Knowledge, Angel of Balance, Angel of Growth, Angel Girl vs Devil Girl, Angel Boy vs Devil Boy, Angel Angie and Angle Elvis.


This Farm Animals Amigurumi Pattern Pack consists of Torgri Tortoise, Pisko Squirrel, Nesting Birds, Rebbie Crab, Quackie Duckling, Forestie Tortoise, Kumi Kitty, Nappie Bunny, and Miko Cat.


This Halloween Collection Amigurumi Pattern Pack consists of Dotty Devil with his Pumpkin Cage, Vampie Vampire, Roja Ninja, Crawlie Bug, Bossy Ladybug, Chubbie Ballie, Devy Meow, Monsties Trio, 3 Wise Creatures (see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil), Woink Woink Witchy Piglet, Abo and Eli Cave Couple, and Nelly.


This Zoo Animals Amigurumi Pattern Pack consists of Kangie Kangaroo, Kenny & Keidi Bears, Jaymo Hippopotamus, Eldo Elephant, Nono Dinosaur, Yako Giraffe, Lino Lion, and Bluko Penguin.

All the single patterns included in these pattern packs are no longer available for sale as single pattern.

Each pattern pack is priced with more than 70% discount!

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