3D Flowers Hair Ties with Crystal Bead


This lot of red colored 3D flowers hair ties adorned with 32 faceted (lead-safe) crystal beads is an ‘accidental’ order.

The story begins with a completely unrelated item – beanie. Long story short, I am attempting a new product design – hooded hat/cowl/scarf (have not decided on which one) and I may want to adorn it with a large crochet flower.


I want something large, but has a soft and somewhat intricate presentation. So, I tried using the crocodile stitch to create a flower. The petals didn’t overlap so prettily on their own, it takes a little ‘manipulation’ in the final stitching – closing up – to make sure they overlap one another.


Then, I tried another stitch count with a larger hook using my favorite color – yellow. I have to say that I do like the yellow flower!


A friend saw the photo of the red flower and messaged me to bounce some ideas and her interest to order some of them.

I had a few problems:
1. Preparing for exams
2. Lack of supplies (the original idea was to use a pearl bead in the middle)

See, it’s been quite a challenge in getting quality crafting supplies in Perth. I would know because I used to sell lots of yarns and supplies to Australian buyers. That is the reason why I shipped a bunch of crafting stuffs over when I moved to Perth. I didn’t ship EVERYTHING. I don’t have the luxury of owning a house of my own in Perth, with leasing, having too much things is proving to be stressful when I need to move to a new place.

Anyhow, I am glad that I have just the materials needed to complete this project, and I finished it last night – I work super fast!

I hope these find their way safely to the destination.


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