Royal Blue Suit for Wedding Dolls


A custom order adapted from our Jake & Fiona crochet pattern. A few changes made to the original pattern has made the groom taller. The groom is indeed much taller than his bride, so I was told (what a relief!).


This design remains as the best seller, and I can understand why. I do adore this design very much.

I have not been accepting orders, this is an exception. However, I am expecting a longer than usual semester break, so I plan to make a few pairs of wedding dolls with varying designs but mainly building upon this design.

I will only start making from 3rd week of June, after my exams. If you are keen to grab a pair (AUD169 per pair, excluding shipping), drop us a note using our contact form and we might be able to adjust colors to your preference.

I am probably only offering 5 pairs of wedding dolls, so do state your interest soon.


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