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My relationship with crochet started at aged 8 or younger; it was love at first stitch. I started to make purposeless patches in order to perfect the stitches – I have always been quite a bit of a perfectionist, and progressed to making baby dolls’ dresses and hats. The only problem was that it became my obsession and I started to make many, a lot, countlessly plentiful stuffs!

I have hardly changed in that department. Crochet is my go-to stress-regulator. I also believe in helping, so I decide to kill two birds with a stone. I don’t always have a lot of time these days given my study schedules and all, but since I have zero social life, I will always find small brackets of time here and there.

I found a charitable cause “Angel Blanket Australia” based in New South Wales, and I think we are quite a good fit. I get to crochet to de-stress, and the end products go to a wonderful cause. Grieving is a painful process, and it can take longer for some people to complete the process. I never had a child of my own; I may never fully grasp the pain of loss of a child, but I can only imagine the arduous recovery journey. Remember, this child did not only have a few months relationship with the parents, but it carried a lifetime worth of hopes and plans that can never be fulfilled.

Excerpt from their website:

Angel Blanket Australia Inc. is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation based in New South Wales. We are attempting to support families dealing with the loss of their baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. 

Losing a baby is heartbreaking, and often the grieving parents don’t have a baby blanket with them in hospital due to the unexpected nature of miscarriage or stillbirth. It is saddening when hospitals do not have on hand an option to suit such little ones, and sometimes have to present babies on a tray to the parent(s).

We want to offer some support at this traumatic time and provide handmade blankets to hospitals for babies born that can be held (14-23 weeks old).


I started working on these blankets in May, between assignments, tests, and exams. When exams are over, I worked a few more pieces and get them washed and dried. I don’t really know how the blankets will be given to the recipients, but I feel that each recipient is precious and each deserves a delicate and thoughtful touch, so I made a bunch of crochet roses and tie each rolled blanket with it.



I have to work on some other projects, so I decide to mail out the 35 pieces of baby blankets and I would be happy to continue to support this cause in the near future. I wished their networks extend to Western Australia though.

If you are keen to join me in this effort, but have questions, do drop Kim a message through their facebook profile. Kim responds very quickly.



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