Bandit Wrap – Quick and FREE Pattern


I find that I am terribly uncomfortable with infinity cowl because I really dislike having chunk of stuff ‘choking’ my neck. Needless to say, I am not a fan of turtleneck too. I didn’t have to deal with this problem when I was living in Singapore, since it is perpetually hot and humid in Singapore, we don’t usually wear turtleneck.

Now that I am living in Perth where there are cooler and colder months, I am finding my neck a little too chilled for comfort, especially that this winter feels exceptionally colder.

Inspired by Little Monkey’s buttoned cowl, I decide to try out the pattern and see if it’s more suited for me than the chunky cowl that I had made when I spent a winter vacation in the States.

I have made some modifications to it as I am using a different weight yarn. I use Wendy Merino pure ultra soft wool (DK), the yarn is so soft, it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. Here is the free pattern with my modifications.


Yarn: Wendy Merino pure ultra soft wool (DK) 50g/ball x 4 balls

Crochet hook: K (6.5mm)

Wood buttons: 4cm (diameter) x 2 pieces

Stitch abbreviations: US terminology

Finished work measurement: 28″L x 13″W

Start with ch 95 (turn at end of row, ch 2 to begin new rows)

Row 1: On 3rd ch from hook, (sc, dc), skip next ch, (sc, dc) across

Row 2: (sc, dc) into the space of previous row where you skipped the next ch; repeat across

*repeat row 2 until you reach about 7″ tall*

Button hole:

On new row: (sc, dc) x 2 times, ch 2, skip 2 spaces, (sc, dc) across

(that creates a ‘gap’)

Next row: (sc, dc) across until you reach the ‘gap’ from previous row, (sc, dc) x 2 times into the ‘gap’, (sc, dc) x 2 times (that completes the row)


*repeat row 2 again until you have reach 5″ from the button hole*

Make another button hole, make sure that it’s on the same side of the wrap.

*repeat row 2 again for 4 more rows*

Final row: DO NOT TURN, use reverse sc stitch across
*Alternative: If you are unfamiliar with reverse sc, just turn wrap, sl st across.

Finish off, weave in ends, sew buttons


Note the placement of the buttons. 


Tip: Just pull the side of the wrap with button holes and place on the part that you are sewing the buttons on to gauge the distance.
(I know the button hole on the top is not aligned with the second one, I did that on purpose because of the ‘pull’ of the wrap that makes the button looked nearer to the edge, so I decide to add one more stitch for the top button hole)


If you want the button to fall on the other side, you will have to flip the wrap and sew buttons on the other side of the wrap in corresponding placements. 😉

How to wear the wrap:

With the buttons facing out, put the wrap around your shoulder. The 2nd button will go through the top button hole; the first button near the edges goes through the lower button hole. You will have to adjust the folds as you like. 😉

Remember, there is no shame in using other designers’ patterns, it is however a shameful act when we do not give the due credit to our source of inspiration. I design stuffs, but I also appreciate other people’s works. 

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