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I have been busy working with the crochet hooks (of various sizes) since semester break! Requests for ready-made wedding dolls are always in the mail, so I decided to make some during the semester break.

Some good things come out of the busy crochet schedule though.

  1. Buyers can pick and choose their own amigurumi bride and groom or to buy the pre-matched pairs.
  2. A new bride design has accidentally emerged, so I might just work on that for the patterns section

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For some (obvious) reasons, I decide to tell a story for each couple – let’s say, I am just a hopeless romantic!


Jane is a trained medical physician and Alastair is a musician, a rare talent in music, but not extended to his clumsiness unfortunately. During a concert rehearsal, Alastair fell from the stage and injured his knee. Rushed to the nearby emergency room in excruciating pain, he heard a soothing and gentle voice asking for his personal details. The pain was magically more tolerable, of course, it was probably the drug that was administered to him. The concert was postponed till he was well enough to perform again. Meanwhile, he ‘enjoyed’ the tender care from his attending doctor, Jane. She was his VIP guest when the concert resumed – no way he was missing the chance to impress her! Love blossoms since.

*I fired Jane’s original hairstylist, and got her a world renowned hair designer. She looks fab!


Daisy is the daughter of a housekeeper and Jesper is the self-made millionaire in Europe. Their unlikely meeting happened when Jesper decided to invest in a mansion and employed a housekeeper to help with the chores. Although a millionaire, Jesper is humble and respectful towards his staff. One day, he decided to help out at the garden when he saw Daisy in the greenhouse. She did not know his identity; he did not advertise it either. It was love at first sight for both, the rest is history.


Fiona comes from a wealthy background and Jacob, a humble farm boy. They have known each other since they were children. They relationship was not without challenges as Fiona’s father was not supportive of the relationship, only because he was worried that Jacob humble earnings may not provide a good life for his princess. Over time, Jacob proves himself to be a reliable and worthy life partner, and Fiona’s father finally relented and gave them his blessings.


Celia is a fashion designer and William is a creative director. They knew each other for a long time as colleagues and friends. Through a life-changing event, they realised that they have been the most dependable and supportive person in each other’s life. Their love is a familiar, stable, and enjoyable one. Not all love begins with a big bang, some happen overtime through appreciation.


Elena is an educator in an esteemed University, so is Damien, but a different University. They met at a seminar organised for educators. Damien is outspoken and Elena is opinionated, and they found themselves engaged in intellectual discourse frequently on subjects that interested them. What more attractive in a partner than a matched intellectual capability? They may sometimes disagree with each other, but they never let that affects their relationship, like any wise adult, they agree to disagree when it reaches an impasse.

There you have it. All happy couples! The discount coupon is good for everything on our etsy shop for finished items.


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