The Sky’s the Limit in Love – Wedding Theme


The previous post on the Special Theme Wedding Dolls is actually based on this theme. The groom-to-be is with Singapore Airforce and the bride-to-be is my niece, whom I coerced when she was a toddler, to address me as “sister” in public. Well, my sister married very young, and I was literally still a child myself when my first niece was born, it took a lot of getting used to before someone addressed me as “aunt”. No way!

Merlin, my first niece has certainly inherited the many fine genes of her mother, my sister. My sister has many fine qualities, but the most celebrated one would be her people skills and the ability to melt the coldest heart with the sweetest words and smiles. With that great genetic genes, of course Merlin gladly obliged in addressing me as “sister” in public. Such a good and teachable girl! 😛

I truly loved their pre-wedding photography shots. It was fun and relevant, yet unorthodox – if you knew anything about me, I am anything but orthodox!

Personalised theme wedding

Between my crazy busy study schedule and assignments, exams, and preparations for Denmark (that’s right, I am currently blogging from Denmark, Europe – I need to be explicitly clear as there is actually a Denmark suburb in Perth!), I started to experiment ways to achieve the pixelated Singapore Air Force uniform. It was not the easiest thing to do, as no yarns could actually achieve that result. Let’s say, I am a tireless perfectionist.

I absolutely love the photo of them with the fighter planes. It was beautifully captured leaving enormous space for imagination.

I would still be in Denmark when they got married, but I have not been a significant figure in their lives anyway, but I have the most sincerest wishes and blessings for the young couple.

P/S: Only Merlinda, the bride pattern is available. The groom in Air Force uniform is not available. 😉

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