October 2016 Specials – Day 1

Every October, we would run an event such as a fundraiser toward a specific cause (breast cancer awareness, Asperger’s & Autism etc.) or some special promotions as the founder’s celebratory event.

We’ve nearly missed October as I was bound to my bed due to a minor medical intervention; I had a simple medical procedure that required me to limit my movement. I am out of the woods now though!

So, we are keeping our October Specials! We just make it simpler this year.

For 5 days, starting today, we will be selecting 2-3 wedding patterns each day and trim the price tag to half! The patterns will be rotated daily and there will be no repeats.

To spearhead the launch, we have our bestsellers!

glamorous wedding dolls | large

> #1 – Bride Fiona <<

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Esther & Calvin Wedding Dolls - Grand Banquet

>> #1 – Wedding Couple – Elena & Casper <<

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