Free Amigurumi Pusheen Crochet Pattern

It is hard to stay away from being creative work once you have a taste of it. Despite my busy study (and play, and relax) schedule in Denmark, I crave creativity.

I have made 2 little Pusheen dolls for someone special, and decide to share one of the patterns for free – only because I was not thinking of making a pattern out of the first one.

This little pusheen is about 4 x 3cm in measurement, I only managed to find 3 ply sock yarn, so it’s tiny. The pattern is suitable for any yarn size, just correspond the crochet hook size and craft eyes according to your chosen yarn size.

The eyes used are 6mm black eyes, but if you are able to get 5mm, it would be more “pusheen”, I suppose. I only brought 6mm and 9mm eyes with me.

She is cuter in person, I promise!

This is an easy pattern, and you would probably be able to finish it in a couple of hours. Grab a copy of the free pusheen crochet pattern here:

Happy Crocheting!


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