Shrinking The Amigurumi Sleeping Monster

“WaWa” the amigurumi sleeping monster is one of my favorite designs. I guess there is just something calming about this baby monster. Using a finer yarn and corresponding with a smaller hook, this baby monster is about 11cm tall as compared to the original size of 18.5cm tall.

I’ve made some changes to the hands and feet because I was out of yarn! I made the little baby mittens and socks to save yarn. Creative problem-solving is the way to go with crafting crisis!

This is the original design using organic cotton yarn. What a sweet baby.

This is another one that I made using our deluxe acrylic yarn and 2.5mm hook. She sits at 18cm tall – quite close to the original one.

Our patterns are suitable to size up or down by choosing different thickness of yarns and corresponding hook size.

WaWa the amigurumi sleeping monster is available as a single pattern on our website.


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