Crochet Pusheen Fanatic

I must have inherited the trait of obsession for perfection from my mother. My sister and I still vividly remembered the chiffon cake fanatic phase that our mother went through when we were in Primary school (elementary school). She baked at least one chiffon cake a day because she wasn’t perfectly satisfied with the already fantastic tasting cake. She made us have the cake for lunch for a week and we suspected that it may have gone longer if we hadn’t protested. We actually resorted to trading lunch with our friends in school.

Now, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but it skips a child. My older sister is certainly less persistent (or at all) in attaining perfection. I, however, far exceeded my mother’s level of obsession for perfection.

My long-term obsession is crochet in general, but I indulge in short-term obsessions of a specific group too. Currently, it’s Pusheen! This is a perfect storm, I mean, project for expansion of creativity.

Let’s see. I have a “Dessertsheen” looking rather happy with the vanilla ice cream cone. I also made a “Graduatesheen” who proudly wears the regalia cap and holds the graduation certificate in her tiny hands.

Dessertsheen is a very sweet Pusheen, she shares her ice cream with Stormy.

This is “Cakesheen”, her favorite cake is black forest cake and if you were super nice to her, she may just share that decadent slice of cake with you.

Then, we have “Cookiesheen”. She is a vegan Pusheen, and that’s her favorite vegan chocolate cookie with sprinkles.

Isn’t Stormy such a lucky little one? All the Pusheens are quite willing to share their food with her!

P/S: The Pusheens are not for sale (at least not at this point). This is slightly bigger than the Free Pusheen Pattern that we shared earlier; it’s however adapted from that free pattern. 



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