amigurumi tips & care

In this page, you will find some useful information on caring for your amigurumi dolls, and some other amigurumi making tips. These information are collectively accumulated overtime as we move along with our amigurumi making journey. Hope this is helpful to you.

Free Crochet basics

Instead of repeatedly include the general instructions in the pattern, which can increase the file size largely, I am pulling out those instructions and uploading them up to the account that we registered.

The files include the magic loop (revised version); working with back loops; sewing the opening close/flat etc. The basics will be up soon, including the complimentary granny squares for new learners to practice on.

The files are gradually uploaded up, so check back regularly for newly added and updated files.

DIY Crochet Hook Comfort Grip

I have started to crochet at the age of 10, and with amigurumi which requires tight tension to make really nice dolls, I have been suffering from painful blisters forever, since I am making dolls with my favorite Tulip brand crochet hook literally everyday.

I can’t take it anymore, and I am not giving up my crochet hook, and I am definitely loving doll-making, so I have been ‘forced’ to think of alternative to cure the problem. Here, I have a tip for you, who are using similar crochet hook, or any hook that requires additional comfort to the grip. Trust me, I completely feel your pain.

Read the detailed instruction at DIY comfort grip for crochet hook.

Small tips for safety eyes installation

I used to be designing and making amigurumi dolls with sew-on craft eyes, now that I have switched from the sew-on eyes (which are very inconsistent in supplies at the store) to the present safety eyes, it changes the way I work on dolls. I am most pleased to share with you this small tips which is blogged under title Small tips for safety eyes installation.

This is what I have gathered along the way of doll making. I have made over 150 doll using this method, although it’s not the best option to wash the dolls that are fixed with metal washer, but I have done it many times before and they are still looking good. (Do it at your own risks eh)

Amigurumi care (tried and tested)

By now, I have more than 30-ish designs of amigurumi dolls, and with the increasing numbers of dolls I made for my husband overtime, I needed an effective cleaning method to keep the little critters looking as new and fresh as they were meant to be. With this in mind, I am sharing what I have tried and tested, and proved to be effective for me. Read up the detailed step-by-step instruction in our Unofficial Amigurumi Care Instruction.

(Be mindful though, these information serve as an additional reference, which proved to work for us, please use these information at your own discretion, and we are not liable for any possible damages due to the use of these information.)