Category: Amigurumi dolls

Redko the Sister of Blako

Redko kitty is the dear sister of Blako kitty. She has learnt that her brother has found a new home, and had left BagAge last week. Blako wears.– She has gotten her travel ticket, destination to BagAge. She will be travelling with Poink Poink and Brobby. Copyright © 2006-2007 Simple Arts Planet. All Rights Reserved.

Marko Bear

Marko is a baby bear, wearing a baby blue suit. Marko is very assured, so he doesn’t opens up his arm to seek for hug or attention. I like well behaved people, so Marko is in my good book. It’s painful to make Marko though. Using 100% cotton yarn, and small sized hook, it requires…

Mikey & Lissy Dolls

Finally, Mikey and Lissy dolls are completed. These dolls are specially made for my husband, thus named after our names. Lissy wears a dress that if you are lucky (or unlucky) can catch a peek-a-boo. Marilyn Monroe inspired? Nah, it’s just coincidental. The hat Lissy wears is more feminine too.   Copyright © 2006-2007 Simple…