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[gift set] joyful egg

gift set - joyful egg

Thoughtful gift for a thinker. Dumpty gives me an impression that he is a deep thinker, life philosopher perhaps. He arranges his thoughts pretty well, and always arrive at a joyful and happy mood. Packed in this gift set are saplanet originals humpty dumpty amigurumi egg; lip balm cozy; coaster; magnet; pin back; and a…

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dean&hall wedding 05 - 1

Simple Arts Planet really started off with just drawings, and artworks. That was what brought me to getting the button machines. A good friend suggested that I could make badges from my cutesy artwork. So I did. I made some cards with the artwork too. However, I have neglected my drawings when I started to…

Miss You Card

I remember receiving a Miss You card when I was much younger, it felt sweet and flattered. The guys seem to meet more difficulty in terms of expressing their feelings for their cherished partner. This should help though. This card measures 14cm x 14.5cm completes with amailing envelope. (The actual card does not bear the…