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Clearance & Relocation Sale – Up to 50%

The Clearance & Relocation Sale is finally here!  Never before, the supplies are going at 50% discount; finished products at 40% discount, and just to add icing to the cake, we are taking 25% off patterns too! The sale will end on 5 January 2015 for tangible items; patterns discount will end when the new…

Relocating Beginning of 2015! Special Discount!

We are relocating! The little excited kangaroo has already bagged our label (pun intended!) in his little pouch, but we are not leaving just yet. In fact, we won’t be leaving until beginning of 2015. Although we are not leaving just yet, this announcement is not at all premature.

With our relocation, there will be drastic changes made to the products that we will continue and discontinue selling. We are uncertain if we would resume supply of craft supplies (yarns, hooks, eyes etc) after we have settled down, as shipping costs and importation tax may result in high selling prices which in turn may affect cost-effectiveness to sell these items; but we are certain that we will not be supplying the supplies for at least 6-8 months into 2015.

With that foresight, we are offering Special Discount for bulk orders before we leave.

Crochet Scrunchie Pre-Launch Giveaways!

We don’t run giveaway promotion very much, so grab it when we do. We are adding a new product to our inventory soon – as soon as the supplies arrive, and we are running a pre-launch giveaways! It’s simple really.. 1. Pre-requisite – You MUST have Facebook account. 2. Share saplanet originals Facebook page on your timeline PUBLICLY. 3.…

Our Story on Etsy Success Stories – Conversations with Etsy’s Top Sellers

(The ebook is available at Amazon) We are honored to be among the few selected sellers on Etsy to be included in the book “Etsy Success Stories – Conversations with Etsy’s Top Sellers”, by Vivian Ajetunmobi. In this book (Kindle Edition), we shared with the author about our crafting business journey. We started our humble business…