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Due to overwhelming orders in ‘Queue’, we will post your order schedule – only for MTO finished products – here. Please look for your order number below. In order to protect your privacy, no personal details or other details are revealed.


(We are currently not accepting orders)


#Ship-out date does not including the actual shipping transit time. Transit time is dependent on the shipping method that you have selected at checkout; purchases made via Etsy, DaWanda and other venues are shipped using registered article method by default.


:: GUIDE ::

The calendar is quite straight-forward with several categories listed in the legend table.

1. If you have already placed order with us, and you are checking on the order schedule:
+ Look out for your order number, move mouse over the order number on the calendar to check on projected date to make and ship your order
+ Pink label = your order is in process and work slots are reserved for your order
+ Green label = your order is completed and shipped (if you have not received the email notification, please check your junk/spam folder)


2. If you are planning to order #Made-To-Order (MTO) products with us and trying to estimate the turnaround:
+ Look for the next empty slot – this may be your slot; subject to first-come-first-serve basis
+ Self-estimate on turnaround**
+ Public holidays/Weekends are not available
+ Proceed with order, and return to check on the calendar again on the next working day (refer to point #1)


#MTO products = amigurumi dolls; baby booties; customized magnets/mirrors/pin buttons; any other products that need to be made
#Ready products = selected dolls, coasters, baby booties, and any other products that are listed under ‘Ready-made’ section on our eShop
**Estimated turnaround (multiply the days with the quantity you are ordering) =
:: Small doll (single) – 3 working days to make
:: Wedding dolls (pair) – 5-7 working days to make
:: Large/huggable doll (single) – 3-5 working days to make
:: Large wedding dolls (pair) – 7-9 working days to make
:: baby booties (pair) – 2-4 working days to make
:: Ring pillow – 5-7 working days to make
:: Tissue cozy – 5-7 working days to make
:: Lip balm cozy – 1 working days to make
:: Customized orders – as per email quotation


1. Order status – in process, shipped, registered number, consignment number, AWB number – will still be updated in your order accordingly. An email notification is automatically sent to you. For Etsy buyers, please ensure that you have enabled email notification in Etsy’s in-house communication aka convo.


2. Completion and Delivery date may be adjusted forward – earlier than promised – if we are able finish the orders before yours earlier. Be assured though, that we will not delay the committed date of delivery unless medical emergency arises.


3. Please understand that we may not reply as promptly to individual emails pertaining to order schedule since we will always work and deliver within the committed time-frame; we expect and assume that buyers have read our turnaround announcement that we have plastered anywhere and everywhere possible on our selling venues, and that each order will take up the future schedule slot, therefore we do not accept request for cancelation once order is confirmed.



+ vacation notice/turnaround time

+ cool-in timetable

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