Amigurumi Crochet

Original patterns by Lis Sun

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Pick Your Own Amigurumi Bride and Groom

I have been busy working with the crochet hooks (of various sizes) since semester break! Requests for ready-made wedding dolls are always in the mail, so I decided to make some during the semester break. Some good things come out of the busy crochet schedule though. Buyers can pick and choose their own amigurumi bride and…

Amigurumi Pattern Packs

This Angels Collection Amigurumi pattern pack consists of Angel of Light, Angel of Knowledge, Angel of Balance, Angel of Growth, Angel Girl vs Devil Girl, Angel Boy vs Devil Boy, Angel Angie and Angle Elvis. This Farm Animals Amigurumi Pattern Pack consists of Torgri Tortoise, Pisko Squirrel, Nesting Birds, Rebbie Crab, Quackie Duckling, Forestie Tortoise, Kumi Kitty, Nappie Bunny,…