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Crochet Beanies & Mittens Pattern – New!

By popular demand, we have added the patterns of our beanies to our patterns collection and even launched a new category for gloves and mittens! The new beanies and mittens are made using super soft 100% merino wool for added warmth! This design is named “Kimberly”. It’s a sweet, (even a little girlie!) design, yet…

Bride Diane, Amigurumi Wedding Pattern

We have wanted a lacy alike yet not too dressy design for Diane. Contemporary yet not losing elegance. The veil that Diane wears, is convertible to be used as dress train.

Diane is available in amigurumi wedding pattern, as well as wedding doll (one pair only) with her partner, George.

PJ & I

I have mentioned PJ in many of my recent posts, haven’t I? Now, I shall unveil more about the relationship/partnership about us.  PJ is not a personal friend, although I may have painted a misleading picture about that. You see, I do regard her as a friend, a new partner, and most importantly, a very…