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Upgraded and Revamped Website!

I am taking a term break from studies, so I am catching up with work and everything else!

First thing first, the website was due for system upgrade, and so I thought I might as well give it a major facelift! What was I thinking, of course, I was thinking of responsive theme for mobile users (but, I still need to refine a few tweaks to the mobile site, it’s usable and functional, but a little lacking in the aesthetic department, so please bear with me for a bit) – I mean, honestly, we (I mean me) shop on desktop, tablet, and phone! Hence, the revamped website!

Vintage Scissors

I love everything pretty, and I mean EVERYTHING. I am currently using a pair of vintage scissors (remake, that is) to snip the ends of yarn off. It works well; it may not necessarily be more effective as compared to the one dollar scissors from the thrift stores, but it is definitely more pleasing to…