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Amigurumi Christmas Lovers Julius & Juliane

The petite Amigurumi Christmas lovers, Ben & Sophie, was a hit last year. They are amongst my proudest creations because of the intricate details that are added to create aesthetically pleasing dimension.

One of our good customers sent a request for the bigger version of Ben & Sophie. It is extremely difficult to decline her request because she was so polite, and most importantly, the request came as a romantic gesture.

So, here they are, ready to crash the Halloween Party!

new supplies – part ii

the eyes and nose

New supplies in-store now! Some supplies were running dangerously low in stock, most of them are restocked, while some are still in ‘low-stock’ status (you will know when you order more than what we have in-stock) because some stocks didn’t arrive in this shipment.  The new safety eyes are in 6mm size, which is perfect…