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Upgraded and Revamped Website!

I am taking a term break from studies, so I am catching up with work and everything else!

First thing first, the website was due for system upgrade, and so I thought I might as well give it a major facelift! What was I thinking, of course, I was thinking of responsive theme for mobile users (but, I still need to refine a few tweaks to the mobile site, it’s usable and functional, but a little lacking in the aesthetic department, so please bear with me for a bit) – I mean, honestly, we (I mean me) shop on desktop, tablet, and phone! Hence, the revamped website!

webstore restored!

Our shop is up and running again! Due to the heavy traffic experienced in our store, which result in high CPU resources usage of our shared webhosting server, we have no choice but to remove most of the attributes and take some drastic measures so that we can continue to operate. Changes: + Customization: Copy…